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Chemtrails Over The Country Club - A pop of colour in an other wise bleak month

When Born to Die came out, I had the album on repeat for months. With my headphones in and the volume turned up high, Lana Del Rey's smoky voice blanketed my morning commute from London's suburbs into the city. I couldn't get enough. It was the first album in my adulthood that felt like mine and mine alone. I still get a thrill seven years later when I hear her voice, but does Chemtrails Over The County Club hit the same? COVID may have halted production, driving the initial album release date

Using Fashion to Rescue Our Cities From Visual Peril

Architects and fashion houses collide for excellence, infusing Luxury brand identities with a building's facade. The results? Entrancing design and another way retailers evoke sensory experiences for a shopping encounter that's been on hold for far too long. It takes a particular combination of experimental and conventional design to build a city. But with emerging technologies, surplus diverse materials and creativity facilitated more so now than ever before, why do our cities feel like tinted


This steadfastly alternative/indie band hailing from Wigan might still be in their infancy, but they’re making a name for themselves and their Single ‘I see Your Ghost’, is helping pave that way. “Our words are worth their weight in gold” opens the song and there couldn't be a more apt phrase that sets the tone for politics ’20/’21; listen further, however, and this song lends itself to a stock of songs on broken relationships and the haunting of loves lost. But this track is anything but downb


Inside the illustrious world of Chanel there’s an array of colours, styles, sizes and fabrics to choose from, so how do you choose the right material for your purchase? With Chanel, there’s a lot to consider, but one thing that’s rarely at the forefront of your mind is the choice in fabric, yet it’s quite an important one. The material of your handbag affects not only the way that it looks and feels, but also how much care it will need, and ultimately, how well it wears. And don’t forget that

Find everything you need to know about the Cartier Love Bracelet before you purchase.

Ever wondered what you need to know before locking in that luxury purchase? The Cartier Love Bracelet, now an iconic piece of luxury, was initially dreamed up by Italian jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo in 1969. As a symbol of love, a commitment not dissimilar from the traditional wedding ring, it now exists as a reminder of a transgressing love. Wrapped onto your wrist by a lover and locked into place with a vermeil screwdriver; whether you see yourself joined into romantic love or forever trap


A lot has changed for the fashion and retail industries, but one thing remains - the viability of the luxury sector. So how can you capitalise on the rising cost of luxury? On the facade, the economy is suffering as a result of COVID. It’s therefore impossible to wrap it up in a sentence and I’ll spare you the feeble attempt. Talking about the fashion industry specifically, well that’s one thing I can do. The abrupt halt of supply chains, manufacturing and the ability to source raw materials is

A Bittersweet Journey Through the Internet —

Picture this: I'm eleven years old, and we've just gotten our first family computer. I was some months into secondary school, having spent the first few months working from a local library whilst my mum read magazines in a corner. It was clear very early on, the things I'd explore on the internet. Yes, you've guessed it. My future. My eleven-year-old self was set on a gleaming future of ateliers, film sets, and antique writing desks alike, but I—then a young girl—only knew of a male-dominated v

Her Story

Lauryn Hill’s daughter Selah Marley initiated an important discussion on parenting when she opened up on family life and childhood trauma. In the now deleted two-hour-long live Instagram post, she shared her ‘traumatic’ experience under Lauryn Hill’s discipline methods and the absence of her father. Hill defends her actions as a tenet of race saying that “Selah has every right to express herself, I encourage it, but she also got the discipline that black children get because we are held to a different standard”. There are so many layers to the subject however, in honour of Selah’s courage, I open up a dialogue on childhood discipline - its effects and place in society today.

Art For Your Home

My walls are never the same. I have hung art, re-framed it, removed it all and consequently put every piece of artwork I own up like in a gallery space. For me, art is not only my passion, but it communicates my lifestyle, loves, inspiration and to an extent, embodies my emotions. I am able to create a space that feels authentic to me. Choosing art for your home is a daunting task and at times results in purchasing the obvious choices. And yet artwork is inherent to the personality of the home as well as those who inhabit the space and now that artwork is more accessible than it has ever been, why settle for the obvious? From the work of local sellers to those far, wide, professional, amateur and hobbyist alike, the options are endlessly diverse.

I’m a Woman in the Arts, Fighting for Equality

In the United States alone, nearly half (45.8 percent) of visual artists are women, and on average earn 74 cents for every dollar made by male artists. In a 2016 study of the creative industries here in the United Kingdom, women earned an average of £239 a week less than men. And according to the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film, women accounted for 12 percent of directors working on the top 100 grossing films in 2019. But why are women questioned over men in their arts care


At times, it can become a look that you’re known for, like Fran Lebowitz’s ‘uniform’, often consisting of men’s tailoring with suit jackets from Savile Row tailor, Anderson & Sheppard, a pair of Levi’s, wing-tip boots and a pair of tortoiseshell glasses. Lebowitz is who she is because of her work – her critical mind, her writing, and her unfiltered social commentaries – but also because of her style. She dresses for convention. She dresses for her place in the hierarchy. And yet she is a fashio

Mickey Monroe

Mickey is living a sensational life. No spot on the globe untouched. Excelling as a model and a businesswoman. A multifaceted force of nature. Mickey is dismantling all preconceptions, and life is ever more exhilarating as she sits in the driving seat and masters her own success. From Glasgow to London aged 17, Mickey worked as a successful model in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, New York and London. In this high octane playground, she fronted the covers of iD Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopo

Learn To Control Your Fear By Embracing It

I, along with so many people, had most certainly heard “don’t be scared” or “there’s nothing to be scared of” in my childhood. Our parents wanted to convince us that we were in a safe environment, and as children, we wanted to live in our own little bubbles—the ones that contained everything wonderful and nothing scary. But we grow up and reality sets in, and we get scared of things before we quickly tell ourselves to grow up and stop being so scared. But alas, life isn’t always that simple. T


Perhaps the broadest way of classifying colour, temperature is a great point to begin building the palette of a look. Both warm colours – reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks – and cool colours – purples, blues, and greens – can be deeper and muted, or bright and vibrant, meaning that there’s lots of scope to make either category match your preferences. With colour temperature, factors outside our control can play a crucial role in how we look – and feel – in warm or cool colours. Skin complexion,

The Relationship Between Fashion Film and Animation/Fantasy

Despite some of cinema, photography and art’s most notable visionaries, directors and writers turning their hand at the craft to create compelling, sometimes thought-provoking moving images, the area is still misunderstood. And thus, the medium has created its own parameters within cinema. I decided to look specifically at the relationship of fashion film to both animation and fantasy. There is perhaps a surprisingly strong link and, though there are an array of fashion films from many genres an
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